Vandwelling in South Dakota and Wyoming

I flew through the northern part of the country in a hell-storm of activity.  It was pretty quiet leaving Minnesota as I made my way west.  South Dakota got real interesting once I got to the Badlands and from there it didnt slow down.  Unfortunately I was in a rush to get away from the heat so I just kept trucking until I found some cooler climate.  South Dakota and Wyoming were a photographer’s paradise and I took proper advantage.

Highlight of this trip

My brakes were smoking when I got to the bottom of a steep and rocky mountain road.  It was dark and I wasn’t sure if I would find my campsite so I pulled off at the first road I could.  I was lucky to get to the bottom safely and it tested my driving abilities but it was well worth it.  My campsite had been found and this one was right next to a glorious waterfall.  I stayed a few days.  I am still unsure whether it was real or just imagined.

Vandwelling through Yellowstone and Beartooth.

I thought I would go through Montana on the way to Glacier NP and to Banff Canada.  The problem was that I wasn’t going to make it work with seeing friends I wanted to see in PNW.  So I changed directions without a second thought.  I would get to drive through Yellowstone after all.  I did get to stop at a brewery in Red Lodge MT before heading that way.  I met some awesome people from Michigan and we had a good time.  Michiganders, again, are awesome people…