I get asked a lot where my favorite place to visit has been so far.  My answers have changed throughout the trip but now I tell people that Michigan is where its at.  The response is always the same, “I’ve never been to Michigan.”  This is why I officially declare Michigan to bet he most underrated state in the U.S.

When people think of it, they think of bad water in Flint and crime in Detroit along with cold winters.  They don’t see the rest of it and there is plenty of it.  From an objective standpoint it has every element a person could want in a destination.  There are massive freshwater lakes, plenty of hunting and fishing and even more great outdoors.  The people are what make it what it is.  They are unassuming and friendly.  Living in Michigan is tough, especially during the winter.  The communities support each other and they stay thriving.  This toughness is why I want to settle down (eventually) and raise a family (eventually) in Michigan.

Michigan is where I was born and raised.  I left right after High School to join the Air Force and see the world and find out who I would become.  I took 3 weeks to rediscover my home and to catch up where we left off.  I spent two weeks with Family before heading to the western coast.  I found free camping along Lake Michigan where I climbed the sand dunes and waded in the large fresh lake.  I followed the coast up to the Mackinac Bridge but stopped in Rockford for some sites and some good beer at Storm Cloud Brewery.  This, by the way, is probably my favorite brewery on the trip so far.  I got to climb the stairs up to Castle Rock and continued my way north to Whitefish Point.  From there I camped along spots in the U.P. heading west towards Wisconsin.  BTW, if you can stop at ‘Da Yooper’s Tourist Trap’ I highly recommend it.  The attention to detail they went into that place is phenomenal.