Long-term travel is of itself a growing experience.  It is a journey to grow as a person and that varies between people.  My ultimate driver in life is to be able to adapt to environments and that means seeing the good in the bad.  With that in mind I’ll try not to shit on Florida too much.

I’m here in the Jacksonville area for the next few weeks while I build a brand new website and help a friend build out her bus.  After being in total isolation for nearly the whole trip, being back in the city is stressful but its manageable as long you stay out of traffic.  I had my doubts whether a $1000 van bought off of Craigslist would even make it this far.  Grady is running strong after 6k miles.

I’ve spent the last 7 years in Southern California and now that I’m back in the South, things are different.  The weather is incredible and I got to spend the weekend grilling poolside in Largo, so really, how bad is life right?  I am getting to see old friends is another chapter in a much longer book.  I find a sense of peace seeing that everyone has gone their separate ways and ended up just fine.  There are marriages, children, divorces, new jobs, new locations and through all that change they made it through just fine.  I am grateful for this time because it gives me reassurance that everything works out in the end.  Just enjoy the time you have now with the people who are still in your life.