Going Off Grid and the pursuit of freedom

My environment has changed drastically since leaving Los Angeles and civilization itself.  I wake refreshed at sunrise and am greeted by the crisp desert air. The quiet of the desert whispers as I lay under warm covers reading whatever book I put down the night before.  Western industrialized society has done incredible things but one of the disservices it has brought us is that it has broke us from the elements.  We don’t depend on the weather as much as we used to, unless you live in California and it starts to rain, then its impossible to even commute.
The best way to innovate or solve a problem is to look at what everyone is and isn’t doing.  What are the things that society tells us not to do even though there is very little effaceable reason not to incorporate them into your lifestyle.  That is why I love going to the extremes and thats ultimately what led to me doing long-term camping in a dumpy van.  Its not conventional, in fact you get attention real quick from main-stream society.  Im happy to endure these things and you should be too, because the payoffs are measured by magnitudes.  Its quick and effective change.  It doesn’t take long for you to not care about what cologne you wear or whats on your Netflix queue.  Ask me how little I care about what happens on Inauguration Day…
What I care about is waking up in the morning, gathering wood for the fire that night and making sure my supplies are able to sustain me.  All you need is water, food, shelter and people.  Life converges to its fullest when you do things that you don’t normally do.  People are infinitely more interesting than you might dare to find out, but sitting in a hot springs talking about aliens and politics is an experience you should have at least once.  If you don’t where you are, you can always drive to another camp where people from all walks are thriving in their pursuit of freedom.    I am more than willing to discover how big the world really is in contrast to the world you leave behind.

I’ve been in Slab City for about a week now, 2 more to go till I head to the East Coast!  I was so anxious to get out here and get on with my trip.  I was in a hurry to get nowhere but after the first night the anxiety and hurry went away.  Now Im left with a sense of wanting to stay and continue decompressing.  Whats with the rat race, have I missed out on anything?  Let me know, be my connection to the outside world.  Im still working on getting my mobile internet working so that I can post content more to my liking.  I also need to get my email template set up properly, its just not displaying right.  So for those that have subscribed and haven’t gotten the emails yet, just be patient.  This experiment is going to go deeper than I initially anticipated and instead of 4 months I might just do a year of this.  I’ve received a lot of encouragement and a general sense that Im on the right track.


  • Camping resets your circadian rhythm and you quickly realize that weather will dictate your schedule.
  • Going to the bathroom outside in a bucket is not as bad as you would think.
  • Hot springs are legit after a long day.
  • Taking full participation in your life is worth the sacrifice of amenities and being a little dirty.