My California Exodus.

January 4th, 2010 I landed at the San Diego airport.  I bought a one-way ticket from Charleston SC carrying only what I thought was necessary:  my guitar, laptop, camera, and a few changes of clothes.  I wanted to start a new life and after 6 years of Active Duty Air Force, I desperately needed to break free.  It only seems appropriate that I would end my California experience where I first began.
I’m not really saying goodbye forever, I just think that Ive accomplished the goals that I set out to achieve when I first moved here.  I never intended to stay for good, it was always meant as a journey of self-discovery.  Its just time for another journey.
Here are my goals/expectations
  • Finish the pile of books that have been piling up in the corner.
  • Develop a sense of sustainable mobile living.
  •  Discover how to thrive anywhere.
  • Meet new people who are doing interesting things.
  • Blog Weekly (on Fridays)


So I guess Ill just leave here with a few of my favorite pictures of some of my favorite places.