Stagnation is The Death of the Republic

Obama did not destroy the world like we all thought he would and I would like us to admit that we got caught up in the sensationalism, we were played and its hard to admit it but its true.  You couldn’t watch Fox News without being whipped up into a fury about how ‘jack booted thugs’ were going to be coming for us.  Come on, thats nonsense and its time to be adults and admit that its wrong.  The left did the same thing with Trump, and its still going on right now.  Ok, whats the common denominator of both these issues?  More on that later.

Before Obama even took office the Republicans in Congress stated that they would not cooperate with the new President.  This was met with 8 years of deadlock, becoming the most do nothing congress in our history.  It doesnt matter what side you take, not being unified is the death of our Republic.  It is better to be somewhat unified and keeping the machine moving, than it is to be completely obstructionist.  That may as well be considered treason in many people’s view, including my own.

So what do we do now that we have switched roles?  If the left wants to be obstructionist towards the right, I understand the desire to do so, however we need to learn the lesson that staying stagnant is worse for our country.  We have to work together, stop demonizing the other side and find the overwhelming common ground that we all share.  Because we ultimately want the same results, a strong/healthy and prosperous America.

Now, onto what we can actually do.  The grassroots movements have already begun to get together and make changes in the DNC.  The Trump election will be the best thing to happen to the Progressive movement.  There is too much fuel on the fire and people are moving to make the change happen, come hell or high water.

What Divides Us?

The mainstream media (yes, cliche at this point) has an interest in keeping the population divided.  More division, more outrage, more unrest and more uncertainty means more eyeballs on the TV which equals more ratings.  Pretty simple right?  This is just as much a problem as it is for the problem with corporate interests in government.  If you read 1984, you will know that the media is a main pillar to keeping the population under control.  We all got to experience a healthy dose of Group Think, where the population forces the points of view, which is actually pretty easy to pull off.  I think the result of this election was just shocking enough to make us wake up from the spell.