2016 Elections

This photo was taken on September 12, 2009.  It was at a major Tea Party rally in Washington D.C. and was fueled by hatred for Obama and the Liberal Left.

For those that know me know that I was in the Sanders camp during the primaries.  Before voting for Sanders I had never voted and the reasons for that are complicated to say the least.  However, this allows me to be classified as a typical American/early-millennial.  The reason for choosing Sanders is not so complicated, but when you add that I attended Tea Party rallies when it first started does make the story complicated, or at least interesting.

People Are Tired of the Political System

The key metric in this race that propelled the voters was the overwhelming discontent with the system of politics.  Both the Trump and Sanders camp come from the same vein just as the Tea Party and Occupy Wall-Street movements were.  Media has an incentive to divide this into two extremes, the new right and the new left.  I don’t like playing that game, I like looking past the bullshit.  A question that was constantly asked, “how did we get this wrong” when the media was reporting that Clinton would win.  The answer is simply Media is full of dis-informed bullshit and they know this is true but they cant say it.  But it is interesting to see everyone as a nation just pretend like the elephant in the room was not there.

Lets change the media we consume!  Quality over quantity and I recommend starting with podcasts and independent sources of news, where journalists actually have a spine and report the truth as objectively as possible.  Ive recently discovered Congressional Dish and highly recommend it for really getting into the weeds of how corporate America is in bed with D.C.  Also, Dan Carlin has two great podcasts.  Anyway, changing your media consumption is a massive 80|20 move.

So, coming into this race one thing was pretty clear: one of the parties was going to have to go through a massive change, or else.  The thing is, we thought it was going to have to be the Republicans because the idea was that Trump absolutely could not win.  So, now it might be the Democrats that have to change and Im all for it.  The democrats deserved to lose this race, thank the DNC.  Working with the candidate that had the least amount of enthusiasm, the worst of the two choices in polls against Trump, etc.  You chose the wrong candidate, you made a gamble and did not read the trends correctly.  Barack Obama should have been the first indicator for the Democrats that this was coming.

What Do We Do Next?

Now whats next?  That really depends, I think it has to do with who starts coming up through the ranks.  The dems don’t really have that many great options.  There is a great progressive movement and what the left needs is young, strong leadership.  Yet in order to get rid of the socialist label, choosing someone with business experience would be smart.  I think this is relatively simple to accomplish now that Trump has risen to power.  The laws of nature will bring someone to be the anti-thesis to Trump.

The rally cry from the Trump camp is that we need to come together as a country and unify.  I want to leave these images taken 7 years ago to remind you of what the Republican response to Obama and his call to unify.  The level of obstructionism that has gone on for the last 8 years is appalling.  But to now make the claim that you want to unify?  Yeah, I dont think thats going to happen.

May you live in interesting times