My latest photo-shoot was for Vape Bright, an incredible company who makes organic CBD vape pens.  Most people are unaware of the great benefits that CBD use can have on their lives.  CBD is a Cannabinoid that comes from the Cannabis plant, either hemp or marijuana.  Marijuana as you may know contains THC as the active ingredient that gets you ‘high’.  This psychoactive effect is not a characteristic of CBD, but it has medicinal anti-inflammatory properties that are good for stress and body pains.

The goal of Vape Bright is simply to make your day and your life a bit brighter and trust me, the product works.  I now swear by CBD and its benefits.  Unlike most CBD pens, Vape Bright Thrive does not come from Marijuana but rather hemp, which has a high concentration of CBD and very low concentrations of THC, its a win win.  Especially once you try it because they use terpines from the cannabis plant to give it a natural flavor, enhancing the experience all around.

If you want to give it a try, and I highly recommend that you do, go here to their webpage, Vape Bright