Two months ago I decided it was time to sell the RV and transition back to a somewhat normal life.  The transmission wouldnt let me go into reverse and it would only go up to second gear.  It was time to retire Lindy.

I ended up staying with friends in exchange for work around the house.  You will be surprised where you end up when you volunteer to work for free.  This place was a literal paradise and I will always be thankful for the 6 weeks I spent there.  It was helpful in the transition back to society.  No longer having to worry about parking at night and no more parking tickets.

The whole idea behind getting an RV would be to control my environment and isolate the distractions that come from society and community.  The problem is when you are isolated from society you get lonely and depressed.  You start acting different from normal people as your lifestyle is so far beyond what they are used to.  There are different priorities and different cultural norms.  The lesson is that we all need community and we all need to have alone time.  The task is to find that perfect balance and to surround yourself with people who propel you instead of inhibit your goals.  You have to have friends, make them the right ones for your life.

I’ve always been the person that gets things done at the very last moment.  I think that for me personally, Im able to produce better work at a more efficient pace.  There’s nothing like a deadline to motivate you to get off your ass.  Thats why I set ridiculous goals with impossible time-frames and specific consequences if I fail.  It works, and this time I took on building cabinets, finding a van and picking up a friend from Colorado.  Oh, the van budget is $1500, challenge accepted.

I looked and researched for weeks, seeing which van would be the best option for me.  It was actually a big pain in the neck.  I have always been the type of person who just went with the flow and accepting whatever happens.  It has its benefits and drawbacks of course.  I ended up finding the exact van that I imagined for $1000.  I took the train to LA to buy the van, drove to Encinitas in rush-hour traffic to pack up the rest of my stuff and at 10pm I headed to Colorado.  Would I make it?

This is what I live for.  Doing something so outside of the bounds of what normal society would do.  Of course the van made it through Desert Valley and up the Colorado Rockies with no issues.   On the way back we stopped in Vegas to sleep and play the slots (not me) and then drove back to San Diego.  No issues came up and I’m very happy with the van purchase.  I have a great vision to start building.