As a general rule of nature, an object takes the path of least resistance to its goal.  Society has built great cities that offer us the path of least resistance.  You get more pleasure, comfort, safety for less effort in large cohesive populations.  This is generally considered a benefit but the other side of the coin is that an easy life makes an organism weaker.  The organism being us in this case.

Historically speaking, the people who were adapted to harsher conditions were the ones who overthrew the larger empires.  The question ultimately becomes how we build societies of strength and peace at the same time.  I may not have an answer to that question now, but this whole off-the-grid experiment is to find the elements that bring out the most in life by minimizing the detrimental ones.

BTW, what really got me on this topic is that I saw 10 Cloverfield Lane.  You absolutely should see this movie.   It did get me thinking of how we would survive if something terrible had happened.  There are many themes to history and one of them being is that great nations become bloated and empires fall apart.  Eventually society will collapse on itself and start over again.  Whether its from an asteroid, an epidemic, aliens, or total war, our society will eventually collapse.

This isn’t a rant to convert everyone into a paranoid prepper, its more a question we should really be asking ourselves.  Have we gone too far down the rabbit hole of comfort that we end up becoming the people who die off in the first month, or do we become the people who eventually build society again?  Think of the character traits that you have to have, the skills it takes.  I think that we need to change our environments, to make ourselves more self-reliant but at the same time more communal.